No Landfill Recycling Policy

Timex has partnered with ReCircled to help operate ReWound. ReCircled is a Nebraska-based innovative recycling and takeback company that helps keep pre-loved products and materials in circulation at their highest value, saving them from being sent to landfill. For items that do not qualify for resale, ReCircled disassembles each item carefully and thoughtfully to ensure it's placed in its proper recycling stream and are constantly networking to find the highest value of each material. For any materials that don't currently have a consistent answer, ReCircled ensures it goes into a grinder to create various composite items such as building materials.

  • Metal and glass pieces disassembled from the face and strap buckle and metal-based bracelet straps will be sent to local scrap metal and glass recycling facilities located in Nebraska and Colorado. 
  • Leather disassembled from the strap will recycled with Sustainable Composites, which is a partner of ReCircled's that specializes in leather recycling. 
  • Fabric (poly-based) from the strap will be sent to other partners of ReCircled's to test chemical and mechanical recycling capabilities.
  • Resin straps will be used as feedstock in ReCircled's in-house grind machine for composite.
  • Plastic pieces from the face will also be used as feedstock in ReCircled's in-house grind machine for composite.
  • Watch batteries will be handled and recycled properly with local facilities which handle battery recycling.