Recycle with care

Your watch has a story to tell; a tale engraved in every second you’ve spent together.

But when it reaches the end of its journey, where does it go from there?

Send us your pre-loved watch-any watch from any brand- and we'll
give it a second life to be enjoyed by a new generation or upcycle its
parts into new products.

Recycle Your Watches


Frequently Ask Questions

What is TIMEX ReWound?

ReWound is a take back and resale program allowing customers to send back any used watch. Watches with more life to live will be sold on Timex ReWound. For the watches received that have already lived their best days and do not qualify for resale, we will upcycle their parts into materials for new products, including watches. 

How does TIMEX ReWound work?

TIMEX ReWound offers customers the opportunity to send their used watches back to TIMEX ReWound at no cost. Simply print out a free shipping label and send us your used watches using your mailbox, postal carrier, local post office or any postal drop box nationwide. In addition, you can also call USPS for a free pickup right from your doorstep.

After we receive your watch, we expertly clean and restore it. Then it is placed on this website to find a new home. If we are unable to restore the watch, we will ground it down and use it as material for a new watch or other product. Get started now.

How sustainable is this program? 

Zero items from the watches you send back will end up in landfill. Any items that do not make it to resale will be disassembled and entered into their proper recycling stream to be imagined into new items.

How are watches recycled?

The watches are disassembled into each material and the specific materials will enter their proper recycling stream.

What type of watches will you take back?  Are there any exceptions?  

We accept all used watches from all brands -- no matter the condition.

What is the discount/incentive once I ship my watch in?  

You receive a coupon for 20% off your next purchase on once we have confirmed your used watches have shipped out to us.